Thyroiditis due to COVID 19 infection: a case report
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Escobar Saenz, J. A., & Gómez, C. M. (2022). Thyroiditis due to COVID 19 infection: a case report. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 8(3).


Introduction: the COVID – 19 infections has been proven to affect the thyroid gland. One of the diagnosis in which this effect appears, is subacute atypical thyroiditis. During its hyperthyroid phase, it´s usually asymptomatic. Case report: The following case, presents a patient with COVID-19 infection with respiratory failure, who needed orotracheal intubation for 12 days. In this context, he presents atrial fibrillation, suppressed TSH and elevated T4. 2 weeks after discharge, he presents with hypothyroidism with increased TSH and normal T4. Discussion:subacute thyroiditis should be a diagnosis to consider in the context of SARS COV 2 pandemic. This a case report of an atypical presentation of thyroiditis due COVID – 19.
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