Atypical femur fracture after bisphosphonate therapy
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Atypical femur fractures

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Gutiérrez-Zúñiga, D. ., González , E., & Arbeláez-Echeverri, P. (2021). Atypical femur fracture after bisphosphonate therapy. Revista Endocrino, 8(1).


The changes in bone metabolism caused by osteoporosis, affect the micro-architecture of bone and predispose to fragility fractures that impact the quality of life and prognosis of millions of elderly patients. The current mainstay of treatment are bisphosphonates. With the increase in the use of bisphosphonates, physicians must be aware of their side effects. Although its pathophysiology is still debated and there is no clear causal relationship, there is an association between the chronic use of bisphosphonates and atypical fractures of the femur. We present the case of a patient with chronic use of alendronate for 10 years who develops an atypical subtrochanteric femur fracture, with previous imaging studies due to prodromal symptoms.
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