Estrogen and progestin hormonal receptors: Do they have a developmental role in males with Papillary thyroid cancer?
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Thyroid cancer

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Duque, C. S., Vélez, A., Isaza, A., Londoño, A., Dueñas, J. P. ., Zuleta, J. J., & Agudelo, M. (2022). Estrogen and progestin hormonal receptors: Do they have a developmental role in males with Papillary thyroid cancer?. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 8(4).


Context: Thyroid cancer is more common in women than in men, in this regard a theory has been proposed explaining the origin of this tumor due to the female hormones, to date this hypothesis has not been proven yet.
Objective: A pilot study was proposed to examine the possibility of finding female hormonal markers in tissue from male patients who were operated due to thyroid cancer.
Methodology: Tissues samples from ten male patients with thyroid cancer were subjected to immunohistochemical techniques with markers for estrogen and progesterone.
Results: None of the tissue samples from this patients subjected to immunohistochemical studies in this pilot study reacted to the female hormonal markers.
Conclusions: This pilot study of a small case series did not demonstrate a hormonal
relationship in thyroid tissue from males with papillary cancer to estrogen or progestogen markers.
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