Classic phenotype primary hyperparathyroidism
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Aroca Martínez, G., Reyes Jaraba, C., Vergara Serpa, O., Pájaro Galvis, N., Hernández Agudelo, S., Atilano Vellojin, L., Castro Hernandez, C. ., León Diaz, M. P., Montes Sierra, D. A., & Rico Fontalvo, J. E. . (2021). Classic phenotype primary hyperparathyroidism. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 8(2).


Introduction: primary hyperparathyroidism is characterized by hypercalcemia and high levels of parathyroid hormone; It can manifest as three clinical phenotypes: classic, asymptomatic, and normocalcemic.

Purpose: to present a case of classical phenotype of Primary hyperparathyroidism, discuss its pathophysiology, approach and treatment.

Case presentation: 36-year-old woman who consulted for three simultaneous pathological fractures and a decrease in bone mineral density, associated with the in-hospital finding of nephrocalcinosis, renal failure, hypercalcemia and increased levels of parathyroid hormone. Given these findings, a diagnosis was made of primary hyperparathyroidism with a classic phenotype, secondary to a left parathyroid adenoma, and that she received surgical treatment.

Discussion and conclusion: classic phenotype primary hyperparathyroidism is a rare pathological entity, it is related to serious skeletal and kidney complications; there are few cases described in the literature, so more studies are required in oír environment to define the epidemiological characteristics of the patients, thus avoiding cases with clinical manifestations in advanced stages of the disease.
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