The Role of the Hypophysis in Carbohydrate Metabolism and in Diabetes
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Bernardo Houssay
Nobel Prize

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On December 12, 1947, Dr. Bernardo Houssay, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, gave a lecture entitled "The role of the hypophysis in carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes". In it, he summarized his research over several decades in which he demonstrated the diabetogenic effect of the anterohypophysis, its relationship with carbohydrate metabolism and its antagonistic role with pancreatic insulin.

The various experiments with toads and dogs began in 1929 and the last ones were carried out in 1945. This series of experiments highlighted, among others, the diabetogenic effect of hypophysiary extracts; the appearance of great sensitivity to insulin and its hypoglycemic effect after hypophysectomy; the appearance of insulin resistance in hypophysectomized toads after injection of extracts from the anterior hypophysis; the attenuation of symptoms and signs of diabetes mellitus in toads and dogs that were pancreatectomized and to which a hypophysectomy was added.

This is the first Spanish version of Houssay's Nobel lecture, authorized by the Nobel Foundation.
PDF (Español (España))
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