Prevalence and clinical characterization of hypothyroidism in pregnant women of the coffee region (Colombia), 2014-2017
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Espitia, F. J., & Orozco, L. (2019). Prevalence and clinical characterization of hypothyroidism in pregnant women of the coffee region (Colombia), 2014-2017. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 6(4), 260–267.


Objective: To establish the prevalence of hypothyroidism in a population of pregnant women in the coffee region (Colombia).
Methods: Observational, descriptive cross-section study. Pregnant women of first admission to prenatal control were included. All pregnant women underwent the thyroid profile test based on the recommendations of the American Thyroid Association. We included pregnant women of legal age, with a single pregnancy, with electronic medical records, without pre-existing thyroid disease who agreed to participate in the study. Pregnant women with neoplastic or hematological disease, chronic renal insufficiency or with congenital fetal abnormalities were excluded. The study was carried out in three tertiary care centers of the coffee region between 2014 and 2017. A consecutive systematic random sampling was carried out. Socio-demographic variables, hypothyroidism symptoms and sexual and reproductive health antecedents were measured. A descriptive analysis of the information was made using absolute and relative frequency measurements.
Results: of a total of 579 women selected to participate, 467 (80.65%) were finally analyzed. The average age was 24.85 (SD ± 5.3) years. The prevalence of hypothyroidism in the studied group was 38.75 % (n = 181/479), 22.69 % (n = 106) with clinical hypothyroidism, 15.99 % (n = 75) subclinical hypothyroidism and 12.41 % (n = 58) presented an autoimmune thyroid disorder.
Conclusion: The pregnant women of the Coffee Region have a high prevalence of hypothyroidism, being higher than reported in other areas of the world. It is necessary to promote timely interventions to establish an early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
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