Frailty in elderly with diabetes: a narrative review
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Morros-González, E. ., Vargas-Beltrán, M. P. ., Chacón-Valenzuela, E., Gómez, A. M., & Chavarro-Carvajal, D. (2022). Frailty in elderly with diabetes: a narrative review. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 8(4).


Context: The prevalence of older people with diabetes is relevant and frailty, as a reversible geriatric syndrome, has been related to different harmful health outcomes.
Objective: To describe the importance of the relationship between diabetes, frailty and the impact of comprehensive geriatric assessment in the management of older people with these conditions. In addition, describe tools for screening and diagnosis of frailty in older people with diabetes.
Methodology: A non-systematic search of the literature related to older people with
diabetes, frailty and the relationship between these conditions was carried out. Considering diabetes management guidelines and the frailty consensus.
Results: The management guidelines promote the multidimensional assessment of the elderly person with diabetes, seeking to guarantee comprehensive management
and adherence to it. Within the evaluation of the different domains, frailty as a geriatric syndrome becomes important to define the therapeutic objectives and goals, and there are different tools for its evaluation according to the level of care.
Conclusions: The diagnosis of frailty in older people with diabetes allows individualizing therapeutic management. We suggest using Frail as a screening questionnaire and the frailty phenotype criteria for its definitive diagnosis.
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