Changes in body weight, physical activity, and lifestyle during mandatory confinement by Covid-19 in Colombia
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Rosero Olarte, F. O., Pantoja, D., Builes Barrera, C. A., & Ibarra Jurado, J. C. (2021). Changes in body weight, physical activity, and lifestyle during mandatory confinement by Covid-19 in Colombia. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 8(2).


Introduction: Containment measures for the COVID-19 pandemic such as home confinement can lead to changes in lifestyle and body weight.

Purpose: The present work seeks to identify lifestyle and eating behaviors in the Colombian population during confinement and their impact on weight.

Methodology: 1434 online surveys were collected from adults to evaluate the behavior of weight and its relationship with lifestyle habits, diet and physical activity.

Results: 29.1% of those surveyed reported weight gain, 29.2% showed a decrease in body weight and 42.3% remained the same. 50% reported improvement in their eating habits while 18.8% worsened. 52.2% reported that they were doing some type of physical activity during this period of confinement. People who lost weight reported having better eating habits and more physical activity 71 vs 26% (p <0.001). The weight gain group reported less physical activity (p <0.001), worse eating habits (p <0.001) and no diet (p <0.01) when compared to people who lost or stayed in it weight.

Conclusions: Although the pandemic imposed changes in lifestyles, the panorama evidenced in this survey is not so discouraging, however, it poses challenges in nutritional and physical activity recommendations by health personnel in cases of pandemic and lockdown.
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