Characterization of a Population of Adult Patients with Gender Dysphoria in San José Hospital, Bogotá (Colombia)
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Gender Dysphoria
gender transition

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Bautista, K., Sierra, A., Rojas, W., Rivera, A., Tovar, H., & Silvia, C. (2022). Characterization of a Population of Adult Patients with Gender Dysphoria in San José Hospital, Bogotá (Colombia). Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 9(1).


Purpose: At the global level, there is an increase in the incidence of gender dysphoria, and in Colombia there is no information on the general characteristics of transgender patients. The objective was to characterize the population of patients with gender dysphoria in Hospital San José de Bogotá between February 2011 and September 2017.

Methods: Case series study; Clinical records of patients older than 18 years with gender dysphoria who had attended an endocrinology consultation were reviewed. We collected demographic variables, physical and biochemical changes with therapy, affirmation procedures, and complications, to evaluate the completion of the objective of physical and biochemical changes in 2 periods (at 3 months/>12 months) through anamnesis, and physical and paraclinical exams. A descriptive analysis of the information was carried out.

Results: Forty-two patients were included, 57% being trans women, and 43% being trans men. There was an increase in patients consulting over time, a predominance of transgender women, and a high rate of medical transition with hormones that affirm gender without prescription or medical supervision (57.1%). The biochemical goal was the following: group of transgender women total with testosterone levels of <50 ng/dl with estradiol 100-200 pg/ml, and for the group of transgender men estradiol level of <50 pg/ml with total testosterone between 350-700 ng/dl. Physical and biochemical changes were achieved earlier in transgender men. After a one-year follow-up, >50% of both groups fulfilled biochemical goals and had initiated physical changes. Gender affirming surgery were
performed in 3 transgender men and 4 transgender women. The median follow-up time
was 13 months, without serious complications.

Conclusion: Our series correlate with the world’s literature on an increase in patients with gender dysphoria, even though their diagnosis is still late. There is a predominance in the MtF group, as well as a high rate of medical transition with hormones that affirm gender without medical supervision. In our current setting, there are still great limitations due to the presence of human, social and knowledge barriers. The results will favor future investigations that strengthen the care of patients with gender dysphoria in our context.
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