Liraglutide for the management of patients with inadequate weight loss after gastric sleeve
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bariatric surgery
GLP-1 analogs
gastric sleeve
ketogenic diet

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Sterling Castaño, D. K., Abreu Lomba, A. ., Quintero Florez, S. ., & Abella Corredor, L. M. . (2022). Liraglutide for the management of patients with inadequate weight loss after gastric sleeve. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 9(3).


Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of Liraglutide for management of patients with inadequate weight loss (<20% of body weight) after gastric sleeve.

Methodology: Data was collected from 18 patients who underwent gastric sleeve at the Centro Medico Imbanaco, who 2 years after the surgical procedure presented an inadequate weight loss, defined as a loss of less than 20% respect to initial weight. 55.6% were men, 44.4% were women, 22.2% had a history of diabetes and 55.6% of arterial hypertension. The weight of the patients was monitored at weeks 0, 12 and 24 of treatment. The data were analyzed with the Friedman method for dependent variables.

Results: Weight reduction was found at the end of liraglutide management, the mean weight loss was 22.22% (21.27 kg) with respect to the pre-surgical weight and it was statistically significant (P <0.005).

Conclusions: Management with liraglutide is an effective option in patients with inadequate weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery.
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