New onset Diabetes mellitus in hospitalized patients during the pandemic at a four-level hospital in Bogota
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Diabetes mellitus
New onset diabetes mellitus

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Barrios Laverde, D., Adams González, N. ., & Flórez Romero, A. . (2024). New onset Diabetes mellitus in hospitalized patients during the pandemic at a four-level hospital in Bogota. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 11(1).


Background: Diabetes Mellitus have high prevalence in the world. It constitutes a risk factor for disability and mortality. In-hospital it could have a highly impact on outcomes.

Purpose: Describe the sociodemographic and clinical characteristic of patients of whom new onset diabetes mellitus diagnosis was made during his hospital stay, during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Methodology: Observational, descriptive retrospective study. Population was adult patients, hospitalized in Hospital Universitario Mayor Mederi, during the period covered between June to November of 2020.

Results: New Onset diabetes mellitus diagnosis was made in 219 cases. Average age was 63 years, with a masculine majority 64,84%. The most common comorbidity was arterial hypertension 38,81%. Only 3,65% had a previous diagnosis of prediabetes and 1,83% was metformin users.  35,62% had normal weight. 51% had an admission diagnosis of infection. 46,12% of the admission was due to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Corticoid administration was required in 48,86% of the patients. The most common complication was acute renal injury (ARI) 32,42% and cardiovascular complications 21,00%. Mortality was 12,33%. When evaluating the variables according to mortality, acute renal failure show differences in the deceased group 81,46% and in the survivors 25,52%. Based on the presentation of cardiovascular complications (CCV), the ARI show differences with 52,17% in patients with CCV vs 27,17% in the group without CCV, and patients with in-hospital infections also show differences, 26,09% in the group with CCV vs 10,40%. Based on the length of hospitalization, patients with admission diagnosis of infection were 24,32% in the group of shorth, 58,82% in the group of medium and 74,03% in the group of long stay, showing differences in the groups.

Conclusions: Diabetes mellitus despites advances in its treatment, persist as an underdiagnosis disease at the hospital level, and require more studies to determine risk factors that focus on early detection.
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