Thyroid hormone resistance: A review of the literature
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resistance to thyroid hormone
thyroid hormone receptors
thyroid stimulating hormone

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Flórez Romero, A. ., Hurtado Amézquita, Y. C., León Muñoz, L. M., & Révérend Lizcano, C. A. . (2023). Thyroid hormone resistance: A review of the literature. Revista Colombiana De Endocrinología, Diabetes &Amp; Metabolismo, 10(1).


Background: Thyroid hormone resistance represents a group of syndromes characterized by decreased sensitivity to this hormone. Three factors that promote resistance have been described: mutations in genes that code for the T3 nuclear receptor (TRA and TRB), alterations in the cellular transport of T4 and T3, and defects in the conversion of T4 to T3 mediated by deiodinases.

Purpose: To describe the different forms of thyroid hormone resistance, from clinical, pathophysiological, genetic and molecular points of view.

Methodology: The PubMed and MedLine databases were consulted in order to obtain cross-references that linked the keywords in a relevant way with clinical, pathophysiological, genetic and molecular aspects. Resources from the NCBI website were also used, especially with regard to some genetic aspects.

Results: The references found through the search carried out allowed an integrated exposition of the clinical and pathophysiological aspects associated with the genetic and molecular aspects of thyroid hormone resistance.

Conclusions: The importance of knowing the causes and syndromic manifestations of thyroid hormone resistance is recognized, which allows personalized interventions based on the clinic.
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